AngularJS Organizational Chart directive example

This example demonstrates how Organizational Chart Control can be wrapped into AngularJS directive. It demonstrates implementation of the following features:

  • Destroy - AngularJS directoive has to destroy control otherwise its event handlers would stay bound to placeholder DOM element.
  • Update Mode - in order to render control faster, directive should reuse existing control and use appropriate update method for changing cursor, highlight or full widget contents refresh.
  • Events looping - directive watches for scope properties and updates widget, so we have to avoid infinite update loops when we apply changes from control back to its scope object.
  • ItemTemplate - directive uses AngularJS templates and it shares items scopes between application and control.
  • Buttons - by default, control uses regular HTML buttons, in case of AngularJS we have to customize item and cursor templates to use AngularJS buttons.
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