Selection Path Mode

If total square size of items exceeds available screen size, there is no possibility to show all of them and chart should use various strategies to show the most important information. By default organizational chart always shows cursorItem and all its children and parents up to the root item in hierarchy in full size template form. The same rule applies to selected items. For all other less important items chart is allowed to minimize them into dots or lines.
Selection path is items between root item and selected item. Selected item defined with selectedItems collection property. User can force to show selection path with property selectionPathMode set to primitives.orgdiagram.SelectionPathMode.FullStack or permit layout manager to collapse it to dots or lines with primitives.orgdiagram.SelectionPathMode.None.

When we need to compare two or three selected items location in Organizational chart it is important to show selection path items for them. In case of large number of selected items it is better to hide selection paths in order to save as much space as possible and fit chart into screen.

Selection Path Mode:

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