Item template

Configuration Classes

Component configuration config property contains collection of templates. Every template is named object describing template sizes and providing callback functions to render item content, cursor, highlight and buttons panel. If callback function or property is not defined then component uses default value or function to render template.

See template configuration properties in the following classes:

  • primitives.orgdiagram.ItemConfig
  • primitives.famdiagram.Config
  • primitives.orgdiagram.Config
  • primitives.famdiagram.TemplateConfig
  • primitives.orgdiagramTemplateConfig


Component deals with fixed size layout, it makes no guesses about content and size of nodes. So we don't support in any form nodes auto sizing. In order to support such feature control should measure content of every node before rendering cycle. Taking into account that nodes visibility depends on available space it is going to be infinite loop of diagram layout and nodes measure iterations. The more space we provide to nodes the less number of diagram nodes is going to be visible. So control expect that node size is hard valued in template configuration.

Rendering methods

  • onItemRender - item content rendering method
  • onCursorRender - cursor frame rendering method
  • onHighlightRender - highlight frame rendering method
  • onButtonsRender - item buttons panel rendering method
Every rendering method receives primitives.common.RenderEventArgs object as first argument, it provides rendering context to your method:
  • id - item id
  • context - reference to ItemConfig
  • isCursor - true if rendered item is cursor
  • isSelected - true if rendered item id in selectedItems collection
  • hasSelectorCheckbox - true if selected checkbox is visible
  • hasButtons - true if buttons panel is visible
  • hasGroupTitle - true if item has group title

Item placeholder is div

Component creates placeholder div for every item it renders, that placeholder div has pre-set absolute position and size properties, so when you create item content for the rendered item you can expect that elements you create are going to be child nodes of that absolute positioned and hardcoded in size item placeholder.


Every template object has name property, that name is used to set default template for all diagram items or per item basis:
Scott Aasrud
Scott Aasrud
(123) 456-78-90
VP, Public Sector
Group 2

Adding selection checkbox to Item Template

Chart supports selected items collection on its API, so checkbox element is necessary part of control's functionality. If you want to place it inside of item template instead of having it shown outside as decorator of element boundaries, you have to add bp-selectioncheckbox to your checkbox class style property.

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David Dalton
David Dalton
(352) 206-7599
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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