Highlight template

The diagram component provides built-in support of mouse over feedback for full size items. It is needed for consistent behaivour of mouse over feedback for minimized dotted nodes and full size nodes based on templates. By default highlight template is solid 1px wide border line around item. The general idea about highlight template is to provide convenient API to customize that border line around highlight item.


Component customizes visual representaion of items with templates, every template has customization properties for item content, cursor and highlight visualizations. By default if properties are not set then component uses built in default functionality. The following properties customize highlight template:
  • highlightPadding - Reserves space around item, for example: {left: 3, top: 3, right: 50, bottom: 3} will provide extra 50px on right side of item for highlight content.
  • highlightBorderWidth - some sort of legacy property, it is used to align highlight position around item properly.
  • onHighlightRender - callback method to render highlight content for given item of diagram

See Item template for more details.

  onHighlightRender: ({ context: itemConfig }) => {
    return <div style={{ borderColor: itemConfig.badgeColor }} />;

Custom highlight template border

The following example demonstrates how to create custom highlight border having item specific color and tag element.

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