Buttons panel

Component provides options to preserve some space around nodes to render custom controls or buttons. Buttons rendered in diagram layout provides better UI discoverability compared to context popup panel.

Buttons panel visibility can be enabled at component scope with hasButtons property:
  • primitives.common.Enabled.Auto - Buttons visible only for cursor item.
  • primitives.common.Enabled.True - Every normal item has buttons visible.
  • primitives.common.Enabled.False - No buttons.
Buttons panel visibility can be enabled individually per ItemConfig with similar 'hasButtons' property:
  • primitives.common.Enabled.Auto - Buttons panel visibility depends on component scope hasButtons value.
  • primitives.common.Enabled.True - Has buttons visible.
  • primitives.common.Enabled.False - No buttons panel.
The size of the buttons panel set in component Config buttonsPanelSize property. It is regular numeric value in px.
Buttons panel content can be customized per component or per item template with onButtonsRender callback function. See item template definition in the following example:
Please, pay attention that every button onClick event handler suppresses even propogation, it is needed to avoid chart cursor item change and following layout
onClick={(event) => {
  alert(`User clicked on Coffe button for node ${itemConfig.title}`)
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