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Family Ownership
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Layered graph visualizing mutual financial ownership.

Configuration may contain looped references between items, so control finds layout minimizing number of loops between levels, so majority of references ideally should go in one direction.

This optimization can be disabled so items levels order will match their order in items collection. For example if you have two nodes A and B referencing each other, then it is undefined which one one is going to be at the top of the diagram. Set loopsLayoutMode to KeepItemsOrder, if you need the first item in your collection to be at the top, otherwise control will optimize loops layout and first item will depend on results of the optimization.

Family Diagram Specific

Group by option defines node placement in layout close to its parents or children when node is linked across multiple levels in hierarchy. See "alignment" data set.

The following option keeps items at the same levels after connections bundling.

The following option hides direct connectors to grand parents. It helps reduce diagrams connectors layout complexity. This option should be used together with dynamic highlighting of connectors to grandparents via immidiate parents, so information is not lost.

Chart optimizes items placement into layers, so the final diagram has minimal number of feedback loops between them. Use following option to disable that behaviour and place items in the same sequence as in source items collection.

The following option enables natrix layout in family diagram. Nodes having the same set of parents and children are grouped into square shaped matrix in order to keep them visualy together.

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