Large Organizational Chart Hierarchy

Nancy Smith
Melvin White
Cindy Turner
Edwin King
Joel Crawford
William Weyer
Madeline Redus
Ben Roberson
Bernice Whitlock
Joshua Hall
Jennifer Snyder
Tommy Gonzalez
Ed Kieffer
Nicolas Grimes
Brent Hill
Stacey White
Guadalupe Steele
Crystal Dougherty
Kevin Moody
Leonard Vitagliano
Steven Smith
Elisha Anderson
Kristine Taylor
David King
Alicia Johnson
Aaron Gonzalez
Betty Deckard
Paul Landry
Aaron Coop
Dennis Dupras
Richard Roberts
James Carmona
Joe Keith
Michael Samuels
David Dalton
David Dalton
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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In order to make possible navigation of large hierarchies, widget folds as many nodes as needed in order to fit chart into available screen space.

Widget shows full size cursor item and its immediate children and parents, so user can click them and navigate further around current cursor item.

Widget supports selected (checked marked) items collection, all of them stay in full size so user can see them all the time during navigation around hierarchy.

Auto Layout

Page Fit Mode defines rule of fitting chart into available screen space. Set it to None if you want to disable it.

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