Dependency Graph Primary Parents

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This is demo of a dependency graph demostrating usage of primaryParent layout option. It contains around 170 nodes with some of the nodes being arranged into multiple explicit sequences that show the evolution and order of dependency of said nodes. We need to display all of the node sequences together in one hierarchy meanwhile allowing the user to see the seperate individual sequences and their nodes. In order to accomplish this, we can set priority for how nodes should align under their parents. In a family diagram every node may have multiple parents and by default aligns itself to be equally distanced from all of them. In this case however, we are intrested in having nodes be closer or farther away from a specific parent. This is done by giving higher priority to one of its parents. Our family diagram provides the property primaryParent which can be applied to a node. Automatically indicating that the child node or nodes should be alligned closer to said parent within the hierarchy. This property is optional and doesn't change any node relations, so if it is applied to a non-exsisting parent then it will simply be ignored.

This alignment priority can then be used to create a full sequence, branch or chain of nodes within a grander herarchy. This can be seen if you take a look at the sequence of flight related technologies starting from Subsonic flight and ending with Cutting-Edge Aeronautics.

In the diagram red connection annotations display primaryParent references to enforce the hierarchy and blue annotations display references enforcing the sorting of nodes within one group.

Family Diagram Specific

Group by option defines node placement in layout close to its parents or children when node is linked across multiple levels in hierarchy. See "alignment" data set.

The following option keeps items at the same levels after connections bundling.

The following option hides direct connectors to grand parents. It helps reduce diagrams connectors layout complexity. This option should be used together with dynamic highlighting of connectors to grandparents via immidiate parents, so information is not lost.

Chart optimizes items placement into layers, so the final diagram has minimal number of feedback loops between them. Use following option to disable that behaviour and place items in the same sequence as in source items collection.

The following option enables natrix layout in family diagram. Nodes having the same set of parents and children are grouped into square shaped matrix in order to keep them visualy together.

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